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New Paltz 2016 MapOur Best of Your Town map and online interactive map are a sure way to get your business or organization noticed by thousands of residents and visitors in the New Paltz region of our beloved Hudson Valley.

A beautiful, colorful, hand-drawn and fun map of our region which rewards careful viewing, our map is a superb way to reach a huge audience of locally targeted users who are looking for goods and services like yours. Our map is readily available to your potential customers as a beautiful, oversize, folded tourist map, a fun interactive online map, and at Best of Your Town Map Kiosks in New Paltz.

We distributed over 25,000 free copies of our 2018 printed map from scores of locations throughout our area, and reached thousands more visitors and residents with our fully interactive online map on their phones, tablets and computers.

Best of Your Town Map Kiosks are conveniently found at multiple locations around New Paltz, offering even more exposure for your business. Each kiosk features a full-color, easy to read, 33″ x 24″ map mounted on a permanent stand with an attached brochure holder that is maintained and filled regularly with our printed tourist maps. Display advertising slots on the kiosk maps are reserved quickly — don’t miss your opportunity for more exposure.

Locations include:

  1. Huguenot Street (at the entrance to the Municipal Parking Area)
  2. Main Street and Church Street (next to Main Street Bistro)
  3. Plattekill Avenue (at the entrance to the Plattekill Avenue Parking Area)
  4. North Front Street between Church and N.Chestnut (in front of The Bakery)
  5. Main Street between Duzine Road and New Paltz Plaza (at the entrance to the Chamber of Commerce)
  6. Broadhead Avenue (at the Rail Trail Parking Area)

Benefits of Advertising

Our maps will give you extensive exposure to new potential customers, and remind previous customers about you, at the very moment that they are searching for options. Best of Your Town maps are a resource for thousands of enthusiastic users who are turning to them to find attractions, dining, lodging, shopping and services in New Paltz and the surrounding area.

We offer a range of ad sizes to fit any budget. We’ll work with you closely to craft an attractive and effective ad to highlight your business or organization. And all print ads come with a free basic listing on our online map, including a clickable phone number so map visitors can simply tap to call you directly from the map on their phone.

A small upgrade to a Featured web ad provides you with a dedicated, search-engine-optimized webpage describing your business, making your website and social media pages a simple tap-through from our web map, and giving your website a boost in SEO.

What Are You Waiting For?

The best way to get started is to CONTACT US today! We’ll get right back to you to answer all of your questions, explain the many benefits of advertising, and help you to get going.

If you’re ready to place an ad, or submit updates for your next-year’s ad, you can submit materials online with our Printed Map Ad Materials Submission Form and our Web Map Ad Materials Submission Form.

What are you waiting for? Join over 100 local merchants and organizations who are putting their names in front of thousands of map users exploring the Best Of Your Town!

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Show your civic pride and commitment to supporting a stronger New Paltz by including a link to our online map from your website. Just copy and paste one of the code options below into your website’s footer, contact page or “links” page:

Simple image + anchor text:

Best of Your Town: Map of New Paltz, NY

<a href="//" target="_blank" title="Interactive map of New Paltz NY"><img src="//" /> Best of Your Town: Map of New Paltz, NY</a>
Tiny badge only:

Best of Your Town map of New Paltz, NY

<a href="//" target="_blank" style="display:inline-block;text-indent:-9999px;width:70px;height:70px;background-image:url('//');" title="Interactive map of New Paltz NY">Best of Your Town map of New Paltz, NY</a>
Tiny badge w/ instruction:

Find us on: Best of Your Town map of New Paltz, NY

Find us on: <a href="//" target="_blank" style="display:inline-block;text-indent:-9999px;width:70px;height:70px;background-image:url('//');vertical-align: bottom;" title="Interactive map of New Paltz NY">Best of Your Town map of New Paltz, NY</a>

You can make any of these links open our map with your location showing! Just add a small query parameter to the link tag’s HREF value, as shown, replacing “##” with our map’s ID number of your business or organization:

Roll your own:

If you prefer to write your own code, you can use this image tag:

<img src="//" alt="Map of New Paltz NY" />

or, copy and save this image and upload it to your own server:

Map of New Paltz NY

If you’d like assistance linking to us, please contact our web developers at Ad Essentials, who’ll be happy to help!