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New Paltz 2016 Map is Here!

New Paltz 2016 MapThe Best of Your Town 2016 map of New Paltz, NY is here, and better than ever. Our 2016 map is available (for free!) at dozens of locations around town, and online on your phone, tablet or computer. Last year, we distributed over 25,000 copies.

This year’s map has lots of new businesses and attractions, and the 2016 online version is faster and easier to use than ever. Pick up a copy at locations all over town, and use the online version whenever you want to explore the Best Of Your Town!

Best of Your Town Getting Nice Reviews

Brown family enjoying the Best of Your Town mapOur friends are sharing their enthusiasm about our new map!

“Reminds me of those great maps of the Jersey Shore and Martha’s Vineyard that the kids collected growing up.”

“So good that Craig Shankles finally found the time to fulfill his vision for getting this done.”

“You know, hon, I think I’m going to get this map framed.”

NP Times Features Best of Your Town

Craig ShanklesBest of Your Town has been featured in a fine article in the New Paltz Times by Mike Townshend.

Mike writes:

“Craig Shankles has started — a marketing venture that aims to promote everything New Paltz. Its first major product is an illustrated, cartoon map of every business in the college town.”

“[The map] bleeds hometown pride in subtle ways — a way that most locals will get immediately. They printed 15,000 maps initially — all of them are gone.”